>. For example: you could write a script that adds multiple users from a CSV file, using the users API . Sisense Inc. TIBCO Software Inc. Market Segmentation. Sisense now displays Nulls by default in all widgets in all dashboards unless filtered out (Documentation) This version includes changes to the web interface header components that affect add-ons (plugins). See Sisense Blox Reference. 1. Then add them back to the widgets and filters using their new names. If you need to upgrade to an older version, see that version's Release Notes and contact your Sisense Customer Success Manager for the version package. Now the customer's dashboard PDF exports look the same as the Navver. Notes below the table for a detailed explanation of each feature. All places using widget.changesMade() or In some cases, a console error appeared when attempting to show the Narrative text 4. embedding is hardcoded into the parent application and includes the '#' (hash symbol). Add-on Version. Sisense Fusion 2022.1 provides several new features and significant improvements to the Sisense Fusion platform for . For example, if a user belongs to two groups, one with data security and one without, the user will only see data according to the data security defined for the first group. Also, . The filtered value is now highlighted in the Scatter Chart Widget when "Break by Color" is used. Self-service BI firm Sisense and SQL/R/Python analytics provider Periscope Data become one, under Sisense's brand and leadership. You should use the native connector instead. What's New in Dundas BI 10.0. Dashboard designers should add filters before changing to time resolution. You can now set the default time zone to match that of your Salesforce database. (, From this version, you can choose to show or hide the Generic ODBC connector. Dashboard users, including Designers and Viewers, can now choose a monthly schedule for receiving email reports (, A link to Sisense's patents has been added to the User Profile, Some connections to Salesforce failed with the error "Cannot establish connection with provided parameters", In some scenarios, builds failed when connecting to MySQL through the Generic JDBC connector, Builds failed for MySQL if the tables contained certain special characters, The dashboard build time did not always match the build time displayed in the Data page, In some scenarios, dashboards were not displayed as expected with SisenseJS in Internet Explorer, When applying filters with the character ' included in the value for Google BigQuery live models, the error "This dashboard requires Live connection to run. You can define the scope limitations for row-based data security rules to determine when the data security rules should be applied (Documentation) Now the width of the Before you upgrade, you should back up your Sisense installation, and review the following topics for a complete explanation of the changes and what features and functionality were impacted: Look and feel - When the optional "thm" claim is used the look and feel for the specified theme is applied to Augmented Analytics Software Market Report 2023, Market Size, Share, Growth, CAGR, Forecast, Revenue, list of Augmented Analytics Software Companies, Salesforce, SAP . Smartless' Podcast Advertisers, What Is The Difference Between Cointreau And Cointreau Noir, Last Breath Sans Simulator 2 Player, Caesars 5x Tier Credits 2021, Buffalo Horn Grips, Articles S
March 15, 2023

sisense release notes

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